Interested in becoming a partner real estate agency ? allows you to receive leads relating to properties for sale and for rent in your area, before they go on the market. There are no fixed charges or monthly subscription fees. We simply charge a percentage of the commission fee on successful ‘alerts’, ie. you only pay if your agency sells or rents a property thanks to one of our leads.

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Reduce the time spent searching for new clients with our qualified leads.


Having information about properties before they go on the market allows you to take a new approach to sales prospecting


Contact potential cleitns and sign new listing agreements before your competitors


Increase your turnover in a risk-free way

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Frequently Asked Questions :)

As soon as you know of a property for sale or for rent, you can create an alert, by providing some information about the property and the property owner. If your alert results in the signature of a listing agreement by one of our partner real estate agencies or letting agencies, we'll pay you €100 (or £100 for users in the in the UK). If the property goes on to be sold/rented by our partner agency thanks to your alert, we'll give you an additional 5% of the commission fee charged on the transaction.
A listing agreement is the contract between the property owner and the real estate agency, instructing the agency to sell/rent the owner's property on their behalf. When a listing agreement is signed thanks to an alert you create on, we pay €100/£100 directly into your bank account.
You earn : Up to €100/£100 if all of the information in the alert is entered correctly (to facilitate the work of our partner agencies), on signature of a listing agreement with one (or more) of these agencies. 5% of the commission charged by the partner agency that completes the sale/rent of the property. For example, if you create an alert for an apartment that goes on to be sold for €450,000, your estimated total earnings amount to €550.
No. Your earnings are propertional to the value of the property, and are therefore unlimited. If, for example you create an alert for a property that sells for €5 million, the partner agency will earn around €100,000, with €5,000 of that fee going directly to you (5 % of €100,000). The more alerts you create, the more money you can earn!
If your alert is successful, you will receive payment from as soon as possible following the signature of a listing agreement and/or the successful sale/rent of the property. Payments are made directly into your bank account via bank transfer.
The partner agency who sold (or rented) the property.
Yes, anywhere in Europe, even in small towns. There are always properties for sale and for rent and there will always be a partner agency.
Thanks to your network - family, friends, work colleagues etc... There's always someone you know that has a property they want to sell or rent.
Yes, you can still create an alert on, even if the property is already for sale by an agency and/or on the internet. However, if a property is already for sale, it will be more difficult for our partner agencies to convert your alert into a listing agreement with the owner. The essence of is to create alerts for properties that have not been put on the market yet, as this gives you a much higher chance of earning money through
That's for you to decide. Our service is completely anonymous: we will never communicate your details to the property owner or any of our partner agencies.
When our partner agency(s) contact the owner, they can let the agency know this. Our partners will not contact the owner again.
Yes, no law forbids the transmission of information.
This goes against the terms of use. Users who create fake alerts risk being banned from using the service.
As soon as you have the information! Don't forget, if you know, someone else might know too and they might receive the commission instead of you!
No one creates the same alert at the same time. There is always one alert sent before the other, even if there's only a millisecond between them. The first alert will collect all commissions. There are no exceptions to this rule.
You can create as many alerts as properties you know of that are for sale or for rent.
Yes, of course ! In addition to the sale of your property, you will receive a portion of the commission back from the agency that sells your property. It's a win win!
Nothing. No law prohibits the transmission of information. Otherwise, you can tell the real estate agencies that contact you that you are not interested and they will not contact you again.
Using very simple criteria (type of property, geographical location) and the quality of their work. Our algorithm determines in real time the partner agency(s) to contact, depending on the nature of the alert.
No, anyone can create an alert and earn commission (even aliens, but we'll need their bank details!)

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